Fast, Accurate, Vehicle Appraisals


Remember the petrol car you traded that was actually a diesel?  Sick of spending time filling in forms?

Increase productivity and say goodby to mistakes with EvalExpert.  


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EvalExpert manages the trade in appraisal and evaluation process from start to finish. 

Mobile apps for vehicle identification, evaluations and appraisal. 

Web based dashboards for performance management. 

Integration to existing Dealer Management System's for increased productivity.

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EvalExpert's patented vehicle identification system is the most advanced in the world - combining algorithms, big data and artificial intelligence.  

EvalExpert can quickly and accurately identify a vehicle and its factory specifications.  From fuel type, number of doors, trim line and even full factory option lists and colour codes.  

Maximise the value of every trade in and eliminate mistakes.


Complete an appraisal from start to finish in minutes - either in person, on the phone or by email.

The world's moving at a fast pace - and so are customers.  Minimise the time spent inspecting and appraising cars, writing evaluations and entering them into computer system.

EvalExpert allows your Sales Executives to spend their time selling cars.

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Integrates with your existing software.

EvalExpert integrates seamlessly with all major DMS systems.

We can also provide API access and custom solutions to suit you and your dealership's needs.

All appraisal activity can be easily monitored and managed using the online dashboards.  Marketing data such as conquest vs loyalisation, as well as Sales Executive performance data is all at your fingertips.