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Increasing Revenue & Gross Profit

Trading More Cars

Before using eval we thought we knew how many vehicles we were appraising a month, but in realty we didn’t. Once we got our head around how many trades we were seeing each month, we then focused on getting from 20 per cent conversation rate to 35 per cent. When we did, this had an immediate effect on our bottom-line and made a seemingly unreachable new car target achievable.


Increasing Used Car Stock

As a dealership we have always struggled to keep our used car yard full without paying overs for cars at auction. After implementing EvalExpert throughout our group, this is no longer an issue. My used car manager finds it extremely easy to find fast moving stock within our appraisals.


Swapping to a Digital Appraisal Platform

Making The First Step

I must admit, when I was first approached by the team I saw it as just another expense. In a difficult market I was focused on decreasing our costs rather than adding to them. After being persuaded by my staff to implement EvalExpert, I was skeptical to say the least. What we found from the first month was trade-ins became more tradable. Unattainable used car stock has become readily available, and finance and aftermarket are getting more time with customers, which has had a positive effect on our bottom-line.


Streamlined & Easy Implementation

Serious About Customer Service

When we first made the decision to move to a digital appraisal system, we were very concerned engagement from our staff would be low, due to their technical knowledge and ability to adapt to change. After the one day roll out these concerns were put to rest. The EvalExpert team took the time to engage and train each staff member individually to make sure things ran smoothly from the get go. As questions arise and new staff come on board, the team has been quick to respond and offer a high level of customer service.


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