Exclusive new PPSR ‘Watch’ Technology


EvalExpert is excited to announce an exclusive new feature to our dealers for PPSR - save money and time generating unnecessary PPSR reports with our new 'Watch' Feature.

Our exclusive, proprietary technology will automatically 'Watch' your generated PPSR for 14 days and immediately notify you via email when the encumbrance status changes (encumbrance removed) - allowing you to generate a new PPSR report only when you need to.


Clearly see at a glance the interests, WOV and stolen status


EvalExpert will automatically watch the PPSr for 14 days


Receive an ALERT email when a PPSR ENCUMBRANCE is released, allowING you to quickly & easily generate aN updated PPSR WITH JUST ONE CLICK FROM THE ALERT EMAIL


You won’t pay more for your PPSR reports with EvalExpert - for only $2.95 you receive your PPSR report with automatic status change alerts at no extra cost.


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